Tnutz is one of the cheapest sources of extrusions and accessories.

Aluminum Extrusions

They ship extremely fast. Wish they were closer to Texas! The paypal link appears to be disabled. Ive tried both entering billinf address and same-as link.

80/20 Aluminum Framing Products - Metric Extrusions

Am I missing something or is the site not acceptung checkouts at this time. Thanks Bob. If it is left blank, this may be causing the problem.

I have made 2 orders so far and both were shipped quick and everything was there. This is a great product and a great company. I will be ordering more in the future. I ordered several 15 series extrusions as well as other components like gussets, various brackets, tnuts and screws.

I messed up one of the items on my order and called the following morning. And although the order was delayed due to a 15 series shortage within the shop, it was communicated to me that the material would be in later that day and would then ship the following day.

Packaging was more than adequate and everything was received in excellent shape. Great value and excellent service.

Houstex 2019: Aluminum Extrusions

Great customer service, and a great product at much more affordable prices than available elsewhere. Very satisfied customer. This was my first time working with them and the process was quick and the communications are superb. My only adder here is wish they carried more 40 Series type profiles such as the This profile is widely used.We offer these aluminum extrusions in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and colors, and we can deliver them to your exact specifications. Our service is fast, accurate and comes at an unbeatable price.

Quality Control. All of our metric metal extrusions are built and designed in-house. We do not outsource any part of the process, from the testing and on through the extrusion itself, including packaging and shipping.

If you need assistance with assembling your project, we have people to help. When it comes to metric metal extrusions, compatibility is essential. We pair these machines with high-end design and manufacturing technology to help you create beautiful and reliable structures and other projects. Our metric metal extrusions come in various sizes. We also distribute brackets, fasteners, hinges and other pieces of hardware that may be necessary to finish your project.

We want to be a responsible, reliable source for all your metric metal extrusion needs. Our metric metal extrusions are used for metal enclosures, robots and even components on the International Space Station. Custom Designs.

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All TSLOT metal extrusions are offered in both fractional and metric sizes, and there are thousands of options available for each. Contact us for a custom quote or to order extrusions from our extensive selection of stock parts.

Quality Control Manufacturing Extruded Aluminum All of our metric metal extrusions are built and designed in-house. Suggestions Project Ideas for Metal Extrusions, Brackets and Fittings Our metric metal extrusions are used for metal enclosures, robots and even components on the International Space Station.

Email info tslots. Contact Us S. Box Phone: E-Mail: info tslots. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Contact a Distributor Now. Click Here.Sincewe at Eagle Mouldings have strived to offer a diverse inventory, fast turnaround, and friendly customer service. We do so by utilizing our extensive industry experience and knowledge as a aluminum extrusion company along with countless strategic partner relationships.

Our stocked warehouse of extrusions includes a variety of items guaranteed to benefit all types of customers, including the general public, architects, project managers, contractors, and engineers. From rectangular aluminum tubing and angles to aluminum edge trim to aluminum z-clip designs, we provide a large, continuously improving inventory. We also offer an excellent selection of aluminum square tubing connectors, T-slot aluminum extrusionsC channel aluminum and aluminum rectangle tube.

Whether your project calls for aluminum channelsZ clips, panel clips, panel z clips, aluminum tubing connectors, stainless steel corner guards, or Slatwall insertsEagle Mouldings has your custom order and stock aluminum extrusions covered. Eagle Mouldings stocks a huge variety of custom aluminum extrusions with an assortment of finishes, including a huge variety of anodized finishes. As a trusted aluminum extrusion company and provider of custom aluminum extrusions, we also offer additional services in accordance with your exact specifications, needs and budget in mind.

Light fabrication services include assembly, brushing, welding, cutting, punching, mechanical finishes and more. For 30 years, Eagle Mouldings has served countless industries including OEM manufacturing, store fixture, store display, rescue vehicle manufacturers, commercial millwork, architectural panel, acoustical panel, woodworkers, sign manufacturers and more. Whether you require custom extrusions or standard aluminum trims, our experience, and personalized customer service as one of the top aluminum extrusion companies, will keep you coming back.

We maintain our reputation as a top aluminum supplier because of our commitment to quality when it comes to the items we sell. As your best option among aluminum manufacturers, Eagle Mouldings has built a resource of industry partners unlike that of other aluminum extrusion distributors.

The fabricators and manufacturers we partner with have the experience and knowledge to produce long-lasting, highly-durable, and aesthetically sound OEM and custom aluminum extrusions and trims.

With quality like this, we are the go-to aluminum supplier for all your stock and custom extrusions. As a leading aluminum supplier to a diverse set of customers all over the country, we have worked with individuals and businesses across industries.

Easily contact a member of our team with questions or comments by phone or through email. We guarantee a speedy reply with a thorough and thoughtful response.

Compared to the aluminum extrusion distributors out there, we understand how to get you the items you need as quickly as possible. By working with top logistic, courier, and trucking companies, we move more efficiently than competing extruded aluminum manufacturers. When it comes to meeting the unique needs of each of our customers, the right relationships make all the difference.

Being in this business for almost three decades has enabled Eagle Mouldings to forge very valuable relationships around the industry.If you have forgotten your Log-in ID and password, click here. While we are not able to respond directly to comments submitted in this form, the information will be reviewed for future improvement. Please use the inquiry form. Aluminum Extrusions 15mm Square convenient for manufacturing a lightweighed and space-saved enclosure. Basic Frame is the base of Alfa Frame.

To design the shape and T groove at the standard size, can bolts or freely combine the standard bracket and accessories. HFSP5 Series extrusion with milled top and bottom surfaces, 20mm x 20mm, 25mm x 25mm, 40mm x 40mm. They can be used for Linear Guide mounting. HFSP5 Series extrusion with milled top and bottom surfaces, 20mm x 40mm. HFSP5 Series extrusion with milled top and bottom surfaces, 20mm x 80mm. HFS5 Series 20mm x 20mm quarter round profile with two open slots. Larger Image.

Part Number Checker.

aluminum extrusions metric

Nickname Management. We apologize for the inconvenience. How can we improve? Comments Name Optional E-mail Address Optional Tel Optional While we are not able to respond directly to comments submitted in this form, the information will be reviewed for future improvement.

Customer Privacy Policy. Thank you for your cooperation. Days to Ship: 4 Days or more. Days to Ship: 1 Day or more. New Products. Days to Ship: 1 Day. Days to Ship: 6 Days or more. Days to Ship: 5 Days or more.

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Days to Ship: 7 Days or more. Configure Clear All. Stock Stock Items Included Clear. Single Radius. L Shape.

L Shape with Radius. With Chamfer Plane. Larger Image Clear. Four Side Slots.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you haven't created an account when you purchased your order, you can still track the status of your order by entering the tracking number on the shipper's website.

Would you like to get the full image? Get it faster Orange Aluminum provides structural and architectural aluminum for large scale construction projects, DIY endeavours and everything in between. Part of the proceeds from your purchase goes to a charity or non-profit organization chosen by Orange Aluminum.

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We are committed to causes that make a positive impact to our society and we are grateful for your contribution by purchasing from us, Orange Aluminum. We provide standard and custom aluminum extrusion stocking solutions through unapparelled combination of logistics, technology and innovation.

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Our offering is backed by different stocked profiles, more than 1 million pounds of inventoried material and services ranging from custom stocking programs, to custom length and fabrication. Quickly build an order to see how much you could save on your project. Need it fast? We provide same day shipping in most cases to get you what you need for your project.

aluminum extrusions metric

Orange Aluminum was started in with a vision to be the national leader in aluminum extruded trim, shape and bar supply. They provide standard and custom aluminum extrusion stocking solutions through an unapparelled combination of logistics, technology and innovation. To know more about Orange Aluminum click on the button below. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo. Main Menu. Didn't find what you are looking for? Click on the button below to create a custom order. H Sections. Half Rounds. Hex Tubes and Bars. Round Tubes and Rods. Square Tubes and Bars. Z Bars. Rectangular Bars. T-Tracks and Framing Systems. T- Tracks and Accessories.

Press Fit Structural Framing. T-Slot Structural Framing Tracks. T-Slot Accessories. Z Clip - Panel Hanging Systems. Style 1 Z Clip. Style 2 Z Clip. OA HD Clip. Williamsburg Clip.For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. With T-Slot Aluminumyou get more value than you ever would with welded steel. Need flexibility? You've got it with t-slot aluminum. Need Versatility? Extruded aluminum has that too. Strong in the hot or the cold, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum has everything you need to get a project done quickly and efficiently.

No need to paint or weld unlike steel parts.

aluminum extrusions metric

Get whatever you need built fast and strong with our metric series profiles of extruded aluminum framing. For thousands of years humans have been fabricating useful, pleasing furnishings and other structures for the home and workplace out of an impressive range of materials, including straw, mud, stone, wood, brick, iron, steel, and other metals of various sorts.

But it is only within the last hundred years or so that aluminum the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust has been utilized in an ever-increasing number of day-to-day applications. Partly this is because a cost-effective process for extracting aluminum from bauxite ore was not perfected until about So there is one great advantage of employing aluminum for structural design purposes: it is plentiful.

Its other advantageous properties include strength, lightness, formability, high ductility, and excellent corrosion-resistance. The innate utilitarian value of those properties is vastly magnified when the metal is formed into T-slot aluminum extrusions.

In a nutshell, T-slot aluminum forms the basis of a framing system for creating three-dimensional structural assemblies made with a variety of extruded and fabricated aluminum parts. With this system, each length of extruded aluminum contains one or more T-shaped indentations, or slots, into which various attachments with ends also shaped like a "T"?

This allows you to interconnect other T-slotted aluminum parts into even the most complex configurations without having to clamp and weld them together as you would have to do with steel components. Here are a few of the key advantages of adopting T-slot aluminum solutions to meet your structural design needs. True, steel is harder and "stronger. As a result, it possesses a strength-to-weight ratio that is actually superior to that of steel.If you have forgotten your Log-in ID and password, click here.

While we are not able to respond directly to comments submitted in this form, the information will be reviewed for future improvement. Please use the inquiry form. Heavy Load Type Adjusting Bolt useable as the installation pad in a wide range.

Leveling Mount Unit. Anchors which can also be used for letting a safety fence unit self-stand. Adjustment Pads - Space Saving Type. Foot D dimension is more compact than that of the conventional leveling mounts. Anchors for Aluminum Extrusions. Can be used for 6, 8 Series. Floor Stoppers for Aluminum Extrusions. Anchor for Aluminum Extrusions.

Anchors for Aluminum Extrusions -Standard. Can be used for 6, 8, Series. Leveling Foot. Anchors for Aluminum Extrusions -Heavy Type. This is a Heavy Type with reinforced ribs thicker than the Standard Type and can be mounted on positions higher than ever. Ball Type Adjuster. Rubber Feet Non-Migratory Specifications. Anchor bracket. Rubber Bumpers.

Anchor Plate. Structural materials for factory automation equipment Note: product images are grouped images of accessories. Stainless Steel Adjuster. Small Adjuster. Economy Type Adjuster. Adjuster for Corner. Rubber Seat. Plastic Foot. Stainless Steel Adjuster, Small. Adjuster for Wall. Part Number Checker. Nickname Management. We apologize for the inconvenience. How can we improve?